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Staying safe and sane through lockdown

Like millions of other Brits over the past twelve months the Senior Partner and I have been following the strict lockdown rules/guidelines for staying safe. When we run errands we always wear a mask, sometimes more than one, always use the hand sanitisers provided and wash our hands when we get back home. Since M'selle Fleur passed away in February our daily exercise routines have changed slightly but we still enjoy our walks in the local park, after all a change of scenery does you good, right. We have also been enjoying visits to the Gardens of Chatsworth House, home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, as we live nearby travel restrictions don't apply. Restrictions are now lifting, next month there'll be even fewer and we're planning on taking a tour of the House in May, so looking forward to that. Joining Angie @ Letting Go of the Bay Leaf  for Mosaic Monday, once again. See, life is getting better all the time!

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